Amazing Care

My father had open heart surgery on Tuesday to replace an aortic valve. A large number of family showed up for the surgery and we were placed in our own room to wait. This was so nice as it gave us time to relax and talk during this difficult time. He was then moved to the CSU. All of the staff were professional and gave my father the best care possible. I wanted to mention one nurse that really stood out. His name was Damian and he was amazing. I understand the rigors of this position and that often you are so task orientated that you don’t have time for a personal touch. Damian took the time to answer questions, listen and showed he cared about my father and also my mother. It is amazing the way just taking a moment to explain something to me, answer the silly questions that my mom was asking, and do the little things to help with my dad’s dignity. My daughter is a Jr. in the nursing program at U of M and works as a tech in the cardiac unit. I called her each night and I found every time we talked my conversations turned to the way Damian had taken care of more than my father’s physical needs. I told her because that is the type of nurse I want her to be. I am a retired firefighter, so I understand that sometimes you have to separate yourself from the patients just to survive, but I though it was important to recognize this amazing man who I hope my daughter will pattern herself after.