Health Factor Face-Off: Quinoa vs. Brown Rice vs. Couscous (Infographic)

bowl of quinoa

Which Is Better: Quinoa, Brown Rice or Couscous?

Is quinoa better than brown rice? Is brown rice better than couscous? We decided to compare these three grains to see which is the healthiest option for you and your family. To make a good overall decision, we looked at eight key areas:

  • Amount of fat
  • Number of calories
  • How much protein they contain
  • How much fiber they have
  • The amount of carbohydrates
  • Where they range in the glycemic index
  • Whether they’re gluten free or not
  • And of course the convenience factor…how long they take to prepare

See for yourself how quinoa stacks up against brown rice and couscous in our infographic below:

is quinoa better than brown rice or couscous

Comparison of Quinoa, Brown Rice and Couscous

Photo credit: SweetOnVeg via / CC BY