11 Benefits of Apples That Will Keep You Healthy & Happy (Infographic)

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Most of us are familiar with the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” But how much truth is there in this expression? What are the real benefits of apples? Could snacking on this common fruit really keep you healthy and happy?

The reason why this old adage (which dates back to the 1860s) has had staying power may be because it’s so straightforward. “One of the odd things about this proverb is that it means exactly what it says,” noted Caroline Taggart, author of An Apple a Day: Old-Fashioned Proverbs and Why They Still Work. “Apples are good for you. … You can take it at face value.”

Modern research confirms this notion, too. There have been numerous studies exploring and supporting the health benefits of apples. To encourage reaching more often for that fruit bowl, we’ve picked our 11 favorite perks of this popular (and tasty) superfood:

Health benefits of apples infographic

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