12 Ways to Make the Most of Staying Home With a Cold

woman has a cold

We’ve all experienced waking up and feeling miserable. It feels like there’s a bag of bricks on our heads. We don’t want to open our eyes. We start thinking about everything we have to do at work, and only feel worse. As we lay in bed – stress starting to invade our bodies – we look to make an incredibly important decision: do we get up and get ready for work? Or do we call in sick?

Next time – before the stress invasion – take a deep breath and relax. The answer is simple: your coworkers don’t want you at work. You are contagious. They don’t want to be near you. Call in sick.

Instead, take advantage of an incredible opportunity to give yourself a little TLC. It’s easy to feel miserable for ourselves when we have cold, but the following are twelve ways you can make the most of it.

Be Lazy. Stay in your pajamas and forget household chores. When was the last time you did that? Take advantage. Besides, resting is most likely going to help your body recover quicker.

Read a Book. Uninterrupted reading time. How great is that? Review the pile of Oprah picks next to your bed, and enjoy.

man with feet up on the coffee table

Image Courtesy of Stephen Bowler

Binge. Catch up on TV that you can only watch when nobody else is around—Ahem, Lifetime movies, Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, anyone?

Lunch Date. Call your husband home for lunch and have him bring you your favorite chicken noodle soup. But don’t let him stay too long. Send him back to work so you can continue with your day of peace and quiet.

Sleep. All. Day. Long. Getting the appropriate amount of sleep is essential for our health, but is it really possible to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night? Sleep in, take a nap, and go to bed early— that’s your itinerary for today.

Bubble Bath Time. Grab your favorite magazine and a cup of tea and sink into the tub for a long bubble bath. For added relaxation, put a couple drops of lavender oil into your bubble bath. Lavender oil has been known to eliminate stress and improve your immune system.

Meditate. Do some simple yoga, stretch, reflect, pray, or meditate. Be gentle on yourself, breathe through relaxing postures, add some aromatherapy, and use part of your day for centering your spirit.

Play Video Games. Do your kids have video games you secretly think look really fun, but never want to admit? Take yourself to the raceways and learn to dominate Super Mario Kart. Practice hard and the next time you play with your kids you’ll leave them in the dust.

Disconnect. Truly get away from the world for a little while. Light candles, listen to music and just close your eyes or look out the window.

lady laying down with dog

Image Courtesy of herepup.com

Snuggling. Snuggle with your pet. Animals always know when we need a little extra love and they will be more than happy to give it to you today.

Kid Time. There is nothing worse than staying home with a cold, unless perhaps your little one is home as well. Enjoy the time you are taking to make sure your child is comfortable, and enjoy all the cuddles.

Save Money. You may even find some savings in not needing to take your kids to daycare, paying for parking, or that potential client lunch you didn’t want to go to anyhow.

Remember, the day is coming when you will wake up and feel miserable. It happens to everyone. Now it’s up to you to decide if you’ll look on the bright side or not.