What Pope Francis Can Teach You About Being a Better Person

Pope Francis

Pope Francis has a message for all of us: people need to stop being obsessed with perfection. This past Sunday he held Mass dedicated to the disabled community and their caregivers. He made a further point that striving for physical perfection often leads societies to hide away the disabled to avoid displeasing or upsetting the “privileged few.”

Per reporting from the Associated Press:

“It is thought that sick or disabled persons cannot be happy, since they cannot live the lifestyle held up by the culture of pleasure and entertainment,” Francis said in his homily. “In an age when care for one’s body has become an obsession and a big business, anything that is imperfect has to be hidden away, since it threatens the happiness and serenity of the privileged few and endangers the dominant model.”

Pope Francis included a number of disabled individuals in the Mass, including a blind woman who read a Braille version of the Bible, and mentally disabled parishioners who acted out a parable. He also interacted with several disabled children on-stage and met with other disabled individuals afterwards.

Throughout his papacy, Francis has advocated for those who are disadvantaged or do not meet society’s high standards. As he says in the clip below, the Church must be inclusive. “It’s either everyone or no one.”

Original article available at the Associated Press